Golf R sets new parameters for performance and prestige

  • R is the fastest Australian production Golf to date 
  • Reinvigorated GTI 
  • Golf diesel Wagon returns 

The Golf R – Volkswagen’s class- and sales-leading compact performance car – has never been faster or so luxurious. 

In its renewed “7.5” form, Australia’s favourite compact performance car now breaks the five second barrier for the 0-100km/h sprint when equipped with the new seven-speed DSG transmission and 213kW 2.0-litre turbo petrol four. 

“You need not look too far into the past to find the time when 4.8 seconds was the preserve of a Porsche 911,” Volkswagen Group Australia Director Michael Bartsch said. “It is extraordinary that a relatively affordable car not only attains this performance, but includes refinements and technologies that remain options in some prestige brands.” 

The current 206kW Golf R sold 353 units in this year to March 31, easily out-distancing performance compact cars from fellow German and Asian competitors.