Amarok V6: Too Powerful for TV

With great power, comes great responsibility. That responsibility includes abiding by television advertising guidelines. Which we did, of course. But it wasn’t easy. You see the new Amarok V6 is, yet again, the most powerful ute in its class. In fact, it’s so powerful, we’re not allowed to show you on TV.

Talk the Torque. 580Nm. You can basically stop reading now if you want to. Because that number right there is everything. It’s what you’ll stand around the BBQ comparing with your mates. It's what’ll get you up that hill. Tow that boat. It’s what’ll give you the confidence ‘out there’ to tackle just about anything. And it’s partly the reason the ad we made was deemed too powerful to show you.

Video Storyboard 1

Confidence Overboost. Confidence seems to be a bit of a theme with the Amarok V6, and why wouldn’t it be? When you’ve got a class-leading 3.0 litre Turbo Diesel putting out 200kW on Overboost, and doing 0-100 km/h in 7.3 seconds, you’re going to start acting a little confident. Hell, you might even go ahead and make an ad that you can’t show anyone because it’s too epic.

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Tough that ladders up. Strength and power go hand in hand. There’s no use having all that muscle if you don’t have the frame to hold it up. Well, with a 7-ladder frame chassis, the Amarok V6 is capable of handling some pretty wild riding. Which, in hindsight, maybe we should have toned down so we could actually show you.

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