Think Blue at Griffith City Volkswagen

Fuel for Thought

We want to inspire and motivate people to get involved in ecological sustainability. We want less talk and more walk.

We want to do our bit, through responsible action and the creation of innovative products and technologies. But we also want your help.

Let's all be more responsible on the road, and more environmentally aware of how we behave – in the car, and everywhere else, every day.

Why Blue?

We Think Blue through a variety of initiatives. One of these is our BlueMotion cars. Blue = the elements that we need to protect: water and air. Motion = the need to keep things moving towards the future.

BlueMotion Technologies

BlueMotion Technology applies to our variant models that have been optimised to go beyond just economical. BlueMotion technologies encompass a variety of systems that work together to deliver a drive that is as fun as it is responsible.

Look for the BlueMotion Technology brand marks, and take comfort that you’re driving one of the cleanest, most energy efficient vehicles in our range.

Some of the key BlueMotion Technologies include:

Optimised Rolling Resistance Tyres

Low Rolling resistance tyres are fitted with a silica compound. Low-rolling resistance tyres minimize wasted energy as a tire rolls, thereby decreasing required rolling effort.

Brake Energy Recuperation System

This system recovers some of the energy used when braking and coasting to recharge the battery. Which means less energy required of the engine under acceleration and therefore less fuel consumption.

Gear Recommendation

To help you go further on a tank, the Gear Recommendation system monitors the vehicle and suggests the most appropriate gear to be driving in for better fuel consumption via a clear multi-function display unit.