About Us at Griffith City Volkswagen

At Griffith City Volkswagen, we're your local dealer of quality Volkswagen products. Our quality people pride themselves on client relationships, product knowledge and excellent customer service, so whatever your needs, we’re here to assist.

How do you describe Volkswagen?

At Griffith City Volkswagen, we don’t need to make outrageous claims about our cars. They speak for themselves.

From that reassuring thud when you shut the door, to the subtle whoosh of the wipers in a heavy storm; it’s sometimes just a single sound that defines a Volkswagen.

What does Volkswagen do for you?

We design our cars differently. As a result, they’re a little bit different, and it’s why people like you love them.

They’re more than an assemblage of innovative technology and precision engineering. They have personality. They’re our friends, who we say hello to in the morning, and who take us home at night.

Have you experienced a Volkswagen?

We believe that Volkswagens are better experienced than explained. It seems that when people get inside one and start to explore, touch and drive; they react with spontaneous outbursts of surprise and delight. And we like it. A lot. So, when you’re thinking about a Volkswagen, remember:

The only way to truly appreciate a Volkswagen is to experience one for yourself.